Creativity & Change

creativity john daughters

Increase Productivity, Cooperation and Creativity

You will learn seven ways to stimulate creativity:

  1. How to creatively define the problem.
  2. Why a diverse team maters.
  3. How to set boundaries.
  4. Why you start with What, and Why and leave How for later.
  5. How to create a successful mind map.
  6. Why irony and playfulness stimulates creativity.
  7. Why “off the wall ideas” support creativity.
  8. How to keep the process positive.
  9. About “plussing, plussing, and plussing”AND
  10. How to deal with the dominator who stifles the creative process by insisting that their ideas are right.

OOPS, that’s ten. (Creativity has no limits.)

John can also show you five ways corporations kill creativity and how leadership and management affect creativity.

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