Meet John

“The expert on interpersonal communication, assertiveness, and the process of creativity.”

Meet John

John is a speaker and entertainer focused on increasing organizational productivity and personal performance through humor and high content presentations. He has spent over twenty-five years in the corporate world dealing with growth, downsizing, tight budgets, sales and marketing, strategic planning, labor unions, and contract negotiation. His education, sub-conscious motivational techniques, experience, and sense of humor have proved invaluable in improving morale, personal performance and the bottom line.

John is also an instructor at Stevens-Henager College in Salt Lake City, Utah where he teaches the Psychology of Motivation and Critical Thinking to undergraduates and Leadership to the MBA students.


  • Is a graduate of the University of Utah
  • Has a Masters Degree in Management from
    The University of Southern California
  • Has two years* towards a PH.D. in Psychology from
    The Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, California.

* Personal note: The Ph.D. Was interrupted by an ugly case of colon cancer that almost interrupted me. (I doubt there is a pretty case of colon cancer.) I am now recovered from eight trips to the OR getting my innards rearranged and/or removed, (a gutsy thing to do).

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My Story

The most important things I’ve learned were from mistakes and successes, (mine and others) while working in the corporate world and from running my own companies. Dealing with downsizing, upsizing, tough unions, tight budgets, setting goals, training salespeople and dealing with diverse people were the laboratories for learning.

  • I learned persistence. I learned how to overcome procrastination and to teach the techniques to others. I learned about the importance of empathy.
  • I learned from my experience as a hypnotherapist that creativity and innovation are subconscious processes that can be fostered, neglected or crushed.
  • I learned the importance of assertive communication. Aggressive communication creates resistance and resentment and passive communication doesn’t get you what you want. I learned to put it all together as a speaker and college instructor to change people’s lives.

I’d like to share my learning and experience with your company. Contact me to help increase your productivity.