Hypnotic Interventions Weight Loss Package

Hypnotic Interventions Weight Loss

Hypnotic Interventions Weight Loss Package


If you have tried and failed to lose weight or gained it back (plus more) this is for you.

When I first started doing hypnosis in the late 1980s I assumed that all I had to do was hypnotize people to give them additional motivation and they would know what to do. I was wrong. Totally wrong! I realized that there is so much mythology about weight loss that well-intentioned people didn’t know what to do. After trying the latest fad and failing people became discouraged.

I set out to discover how the body works and how we can work with the body to lose weight. Few people want to know that slow and steady works. Losing twenty pounds in thirty days was their objective like the latest fad promised.

The DVD explains how you body works and how to work with your body to lose weight. Working against your body doesn’t work.

Weight loss isn’t about one thing and one thing only. The five hypnotic CDs focus on, and reinforce, one factor at a time to make it part of your daily life. Some areas may require more reinforcement than others. Use the CD that you feel is where you need to concentrate.


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